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«I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar is what I need.»

Life 2.0 – the chronicles of an emerging actor facing Hollywood.

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Feb. 5th 2014: Ok, just to make it clear right away: I am NOT a blogger. Since the dawn of the blogosphere, my prejudices have kept me far away from its kind. But as we all know, the first unwritten rule of a struggling actor in Hollywood is that «Everyone must accept some kind of prostitution in order to survive up until the big breakthrough.» So, I could have fulfilled the stereotype of waiting tables between my auditions, or I could do a «Sylvester Stallone» – but instead I am now spreading trivialities about my still-to-be famous self. Oh, the irony.

As my dream has already taken me to the abysses of the blogosphere, I might as well bring a healthy dose of self irony to it. You see, my first days here have not exactly been like a bed of roses. The standard is set at the passport control in New York, where the inspector keeps me waiting suspiciously long, making a number of phone calls and gathering many of his colleagues. After a thorough questioning, he pretty much sums it all up with the aptly comment; «Young man, you come here with five dollars in your pocket, you know no one, and you have nowhere to stay. You need to understand that it is a little difficult for me to let you pass.»  Once again, parents be my saviors, when he asks if they are able to support me financially. «Well, my dad’s a brain surgeon and my mum’s a lector», I say, and the officers gently follow me through the gates. Welcome to America.

The first days I eat, sleep and live on Hollywood Blvd. Yes, I’ve been there before, but it`s hard to get used to Starbucks looking like a mental institution with Batman, Spiderman and Betty Boop ordering «double non fat half decaf cortados to go». I meet my new roomie (thank you social media) and we start the remarkably exhausting hunt for shelter. Our requirements reflect our budgets – close to zero, that is – but the problem is that there is no such thing as low standard in Hollywood. Luxury is thrown at us. As the frustration is about to overflow («Is it freakin’ impossible to get an apartment without a swimming pool and a big-ass private gym?!»), we find ourselves signing papers for one that comes with exactly all that – but only one bedroom and no furnishing.

After signing, they tell us in their always friendly manner that we can`t move in until we fix insurance, gas, water and electricity – which is all added to the rent we already couldn’t afford. Three hours on the phone at Starbucks also tell us that none of these companies that we need can help us on weekends – which means back to the Boulevard and more (sorely needed-) money out of a hostels window. The beloved Walk of Fame has now become merely a Walk of Lame, as we can do nothing but save our money and worry.


Ok, so this is the deal: Me, a young Norwegian guy who just started my career as a journalist, found that I could no longer hold back my dream. As an adventurer by nature, an artistic soul trapped within the limits of a reporter – or call it whatever – I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting in an office for the rest of my time on earth. Yes, it’s a cliché, but I’ll say it anyway; if not for your dreams, then what are you gonna live for?

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Hence, I decided one day in January to take the leap; I quit my job, packed my bare essentials in a suitcase and boarded a plane to LA. To really make the cliché complete, I travelled fully haphazardly; almost without money, without knowing anyone <<over there>>, and without any place to stay. Thus, as the blog title implies, I am now starting a whole new life – my student life number two. Upgraded, radically different, but hopefully also the way I secretely wanted it to be the first time.

The next eight months I will be studying Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in Hollywood, and my ambitions are of course nothing less than to make it in Hollywood. I am now officially one of the about a hundred thousand struggling actors in LA, which are all, of course, just as convinced as me to find gold.  The adventure, or possibly the tragedy, will be updated on this blog. Every week. 

But believe me – I did not go to Hollywood with empty pockets for nothing. One day, others will step hungry and desperate on my star like I’ve done myself since my arrival. Or, should reality struck me; at least I will have some good adventures to tell my kids one day.

Life 2.0 is Khrono’s new blog, and will be presented with new blogposts every week. Petter Egge is a former journalist at Khrono. He has decided to do something quite different: To go Hollywood. This are his stories.

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